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Aims & Objectives


Student Council Aims Objective


•    The objective and purpose of Sunglow students’ council shall be to :
•    Represent the students of Sunglow International School
•    Voice the concerns of students
•    Unify the student body through social activities and community opportunities
•    Promote civic responsibility, leadership, scholarship and human relations within the student body.
•    Act as liaison to school administration when it becomes necessary for student issues to be addressed at this level.
•    Provide aid to the students, the school and the community
•    Host school functions and events.
•    Sponsor a number of community service activities in a manner that brings the school and community closer together as a whole.
•    Create an atmosphere that promotes students involvement in the council, different clubs and other activities.

•    Develop a healthy environment in school campus by co-ordinating in Morning Assembly, during breaks, house meetings, PTMs and other school events.
•    All the powers of the student council are delegated to it by the school administration.
•    All actions of students’ council are subject to review, and possible veto, by the principal.
•    The principal shall appoint members of faculty as advisors to aid to the students’ council in its activities and projects
•    The nominated faculty members will be designated as Assembly in-charge, House in-charges, sports in-charge and administrative officer etc.