As we know the school is the backbone of education system. It is the only...

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Welcome to B.R. Gyan Deep Sr. Sec. School, Surjanwas Mohindergarh. B.R Gyan Deep Sr. Sec....

Principal Message



B.R Gyan Deep Sr Sec School:- An English medium, Co-ed school, Affiliated to CBSE New Delhi, Welcomes you, “Dear parents!” as you have shouldered the responsibility of your children to it and thank for being a part for this institution.


Get our brief introduction:- School, giving the true meaning of its name, has been shining in the heart of from last year, to guide its children in their life journey. It believes that learning is joyful experience and enables the learners to find the meaning and significance of life. It helps to discover the unfathomed ocean of knowledge and nurture talent and creative potential in the learners. It believes that the education is not just the means of making one degree holder; it is the gateway to the art of living, which enables pupil to think, to discover the principles of the life and to correctly evaluate the experience to know the difference between achievable and unachievable.

As we know the school is the backbone of education system. It is the only institution second to family, which is charged with responsibilities of socializing the child and youth. It is the teacher who has to shoulder the responsibilities of becoming parent substitute as soon as child enters the school, sympathetic and skilled teachers encourage the development of socially desirable behavior and give them sense of self esteemed and feeling of security. School is an orchard where human beings are planted. Like gardeners, teachers nurture small plant to turn it into huge tree.

B.R Gyan Deep school, which is a well organized school, undertakes social activities and projects. Students self governed under proper guidance, community, project, a well planned house system are some of features for socializing the preadolescent and the adolescent pupils every student is given a chance to take an active part in co curricular activities to train in personal responsibilities, who can adjust in any kind of life situation and lead a happy life. It is socially developed person who abide by rules that govern social conduct, who appreciate the right of others and who realizes his own responsibilities as a member of social group and who appreciates the value of good government, the importance of home relationship and value of co-operative living.

School:- implements the new initiative of introducing CCE (continuous comprehensive Evaluation) in its true form and spirit, which will ensure a better learning climate for our children. CCE-refers to a system of school based evaluation of students that covers all aspects of student’s development. Because the ultimate aim of education is to achieve good life. Aims are an end in themselves and values are the product. Without aim or an objective, no purposeful activity can be achieved. Indian educationists consider all levels of life in common unity because they believe in an unchanging eternal essence. Education should be used as an instrument to enable the individual to rise above and to attain prosperity.

Mission of this Co-Ed institution is to uplift the level of Mithilanchal through education.

Our mission is based on thought given below:-

Rig veda – Education is something which makes man self-reliant and self-less.

Upanishad – education is for liberation. (sa vidya yaa vimuktaye) “Raise the knowledge to the wisdom is education”

Kotilya “Education means training of country and love of the nation”

Panini – Human education means the training which one gets from nature.

Vivekananda – education means the manifestation of the divine perfection all ready existing in man.

Gandhi – ‘By education it means all round drawing out of the best in the child and man, body, mind and in spirit”.

Tagore – “The widest road leading to the solution of all our problems is education.”

Sri Aurbindo – By education, Sri Aurbindo meant that “which will offer the tools whereby one can live for the divine for the country for oneself and for others and this must be the ideal in every school which call itself nationals”

          The present situation demands That The centers of learning should stand for broad humanism and single minded devotion to decent values, root must be rooted in own soil but thought and work for all humanity. Education can be used as powerful device to make children internally alert. Some changes in the conducts of the curricular, some intelligent way of handling other areas of education can bring about some change in idea and feelings of the pupil and they can develop international outlook. It would not exaggeration if we say this institute promise to guide in the life voyage, just show the way as being B.R Gyan Deep School.