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 Physics Laboratory

The school provides its students a state of the art Physics Laboratory to nurture their interests in learning the subject with practical approach. It is in the laboratory that physics students learn to practice the activities of scientists - asking questions, performing procedures, collecting data, analyzing data, answering questions, and thinking of new questions to explore.


 Chemistry Laboratory
Lab-work is an integral part of learning Science. The Chemistry laboratory is a place that students love to visit to perform experiments. Although for some the odour is obnoxious and unbearable yet they strive to perform. The school provides its students a state of the art chemistry lab to nurture their interests in learning the subject with practical approach.

The laboratory is well-lit and well-ventilated. We have the exhaust fans working continuously. The lab is well - equipped in quantity and quality of instruments and apparatus. Every individual student’s need is catered to. They work independently under the supervision of the teachers and the lab assistant. Each student is provided with separate Bunsen burner and apparatus for their quick and uninterrupted performance. The lab has a distillation plant of its own which looks into the uninterrupted supply of distilled water throughout the year.

For a safe work environment, instructions on do’s and don’ts in the laboratory are also pasted in the soft-boards at various corners of the lab.

To cater to the safety norms , we have 3 fire-extinguishers in and around the lab and proper exit and evacuation plan in case of an emergency.


 Biology Laboratory
The main purpose of lab work in science education is to provide students with conceptual and theoretical knowledge to help them learn scientific concepts through scientific methods. Labwork is indispensable to understanding Biology. In order to develop this scientific approach and to make learning Biology easy and interesting we have a neat and organized biology lab, which is supplied with the of best equipments


Mathematics Laboratory
A well equipped Mathematics Laboratory has been set up. The Maths Lab is all set with different types of equipments – Brown Stairs, Cylindrical Block, Pink Tower, Golden Beads, Spindle Boxes, Sand Paper Numerals, Measuring cylinder, Meter scale, Geometrical Boxes, Constructive Triangles, Number Rods, Geo- Board, Graph Board,, Mathematical Charts etc.

The lab can accommodate near about 40 to 45 students at a time. Students come to Lab to do their project / practical work. Teachers are also using the Lab for different Mathematical activities in teaching - learning process.


Computer Laboratory
Here in B.R. Gyan Deep School, infrastructure of the computer laboratories has reached land mark. There are four fully air-conditioned labs in use, which are of approximately of 500 sq ft each, consisting of around 107 computers of latest generation and are assembled by leading manufacturers, comprising of technologies that the city is yet to see.

The Computer Lab uses a stunning new technology of THIN CLINT system which is so far the only one in the city, open for the use of students at school level. Heavy processing power of the server and high speed link via fiber optics from the lab to the server room makes this entire set of 24 terminals operate.